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Diamond Cove Homeowners Association

C/O Phoenix Management

PO Box 759

Saco, ME 04072


207-571-3061 (voice) 207-571-3066 (fax)



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To access the full website, you must log in with your UserID and password.  If you do not have a UserID yet, you will need to register on the website.  Your user ID can be your name, email address or anything you wish. Your password should contain both letters and numbers from four to six characters. Note that your UserID and Password will be case sensitive.

Your membership will then be reviewed and approved by the DCHA management company for membership. 

You may also complete the "Your-Profile" page either at this time or after receiving membership approval by clicking the Manage Profile button found by the login area.

After registering and recieving approval, Homeowners may access the following by selecting subjects using the buttons shown on the top black header of each page. 

News: This area provides information regarding DCHA issues and concerns related to Diamond Cove Homeowners.

Events: A calendar of events is provided noting meetings and activities on the Island. Note, by placing your curser over the posted items additional details can be found related to the posting.

Classifieds: A listing of classified ads that individual homeowners can post for sharing items for sales or services to be offered. Classified Ads submissions are subject to review and approval before appearing on the website.

Resources: The posting of the DCHA Board of Directors and the Design Review Board meeting minutes may be found here.  In addtion, a copy of the Red Book, the Blue Book and the DCHA Homeowners Manual will be available.  Please note, due to the file sizes, the reference books do take time to up hold and open which is based on the speed of your computer.

Surveys:  In order to determine the overall options of Homeowners, from time to time surveys will be made asking for homeowners option regarding DCHA issues.  The survey system does not provide any information on individual responses for the questions.  The system is programed to only permit one respond from your membership.  After responding to the survey homeowners can only see the current results of the responses. 

Your-Profile: DCHA Homeowner information is needed to keep the DCHA informed about Homeowners contact information, and other items that will assist us in comunicating and managing the overall details of our community.  Providing the requested information and keeping it current will greatly assist the DCHA and Phoenix Management.  Thank you.


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